<> INTRODUCTION : " Permanent HairCoating -Silky,Vivid,Tangle-Free,Soft, Smooth. Emollient"

All the hair of Extensions, Wigs, Toupees, etc EVEN THE BEST REMY HAIR must become worn out
or damaged to be rough,
dry, matted, tangled, frizzy, ratty, lifeless, weakened, thin by washing, brushing,
drying, ironing, coloring, curling, dyeing, hair's rubbing while sleeping, etc whether or not they were originally
produced with good quality of Human Hair in China, India, Russia, etc.

Our HairCoats upgrade & enhance ( or restore) the quality of your Human Hair-pieces reducing problems
such as tangling, coarse texture, damage & impairment by bleaching & dyeing, curling, brushing.

Our Permanent Hair Coatings make hair-pieces and wigs tangle-free, silky, soft, restored to look
and feel just like brand new ones.

(Meanwhile, in case hair is non-Remy hair with cuticles running in 2 different directions,
the non-Remy hair cannot become fundamentally tangle-free only by treatment of our haircoats.)

With A DROP, 3 grams (or 3 ml) of our HairCoat, you can give LIFE to 10 pcs of hair extensions, 10 pcs of wefts (weavons) !!


The effects (specially, of CW7882-SEV, CW7889-EmC) lasts for some months or longer, after dozens of washes.
Our Permanent John's HairCoats below ( put on Human Hair and Synthetic Fiber of Hairpieces, Wigs, Toupees, and other Hair goods) keep their effects for months, or even after dozens of washes.

99.99% of Hair goods you can see or buy in any country were treated with Wig Oils and Silicone based industrial Oils for making Hair look (feel) Silky, Soft, Wet, or Healthy.

But the Wig oils must come off, or be washed off just after 1 time of washing, or a few times of washing
from Hairs just
like lady's make-up on face.

What is more, any of the Wig Oils does not make damaged Hair restored.
But, our Permanent John-HairCoats are effective for a very long time because our Permanent John- Hair Coats are Ionic-Bonded onto Human Hair and Fiber to be one body.

In some seconds after you have Hairs wet with the Hair Coat conditioner (mixture) by spraying, the treatment ( permanent hair coating) is done, and right then, you can do washing, shampoo, rinse, perming, etc.

[ RETENTIVENESS (KEEPING) of the effect of JohnHairCoats ]

The hair coating effects ( Silky Look, Wet Look, Un-tangling, Damage-off, etc) do not get lost for about 3 ~ 6 months, or after dozen times of washing.

Q & A

Question: Does John's HairCoats obstruct color dye in dyeing human hair wefts ?

Answer: The film (membrane, layer) formed by HairCoat will somewhat interfere with coloring (dyeing).
Meanwhile, if the coloring is done with water at high temperature, our HairCoat does not interfere with dyeing.

Color dyes of hair salons can be somewhat ( not much) interfered with in their penetrating (pass) into the film ( membrane) of the JohHairCoat.

Meanwhile, if we wash the hair with water ( hot water is better), the microscopic holes of the membrane of the JohnHairCoat can be opened bigger, and color dyes can penetrated into the cuticle ( surface) of the hair through the holes of the JohnHairCoat film.

Question: After Iron-hair straightening, will the effect last ?

Answer: The effects of Haircoats lasts after hair-straightening.

Question: Does the HairCoats damage the thread of wefts and color of hair ?

Answer: No. John's HairCoats make NO CHANGE with the strength/quality/color of the sewing thread, and the color of hair.

We put/pack 200 ml (200 gr) as the maximum in each of the 6 bottles in the above photo. Meanwhile, for Safety in shipping, we (can) make bulky package with a strong plastic container in 0.5 Kgs, 1 Kg, 2 Kgs, 5 Kgs, 10 Kgs (10 Liters).
How to apply the HairCoat Conditioners ?
<> It is very simple. Please contact us.
<> STORAGE Please keep the HairCoat in the shadow (no sunshine) and at a cool place( 5 ~25กษ. ) just like the general storage way for most of chemicals, medicines, and vegetables
More than 2 years

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