{Question} I need your coating anti tangle product for cuticle hair.
{ Answer } I can recommend CW7881-SoSi, CW7882-SEV, CW7885-RST, CW7888-SHN, CW7889-EmC.

All haircoats are anti tangle products for cuticle hair. Please view the List 1, the web page of http://www.haircoat.com/list.htm .

<> Questio <>
{I tried your sample and it is working. Is this the best sample for making
curls soft and silky or you would recommend anything else also ?}

<> Answer <>
Most of cases, people use CW7882-SEV for silkiness and softness.

If there is not the word "CURLY" in your email saying "I need this to make
my remy virgin curly soft and silky. ", I would recommand "CW7882-SEV".

Please see below to know the difference between or among HairCoats.


CW7885-RST works more for damaged hair than others.

* If you stress the importance of curl retention, I can recommend CW7889-EmC.

* Many African people like (want) much shine. For them, I recommend CW7888-SHN.

* Many white people do not want SHINE on hair, but they like dull hair. For keeping

the hair dull ( not shiny/sheen), we recommend CW7889-EmC.

A1) The coating force of 7882-SEV lasts 6 months 12 months at the optimal conditions. The longest !!
A2) 7885-RST and 7889-EmC make 4-6 months' coating sustainability at the optimal conditions.
MORE coating persistency==7882SEV>7885RST>7889EmC>788SHN==> LESS coating persistency
B) 7885-RST gives to hair more curl retention, bouncy & springy look than other hairCoats.
MORE curl retention <== 7885RST>7889EmC>7882SEV==> LESS curl retention
C1) CW7881-SS2(SoSi) makes more softness(smoothness) than CW7882-SEV, but less silky looK and feel.
D1) CW7888-SHN show (makes) more visual sheen or shine, silkiness than any other haircoat.
D2) CW7889-EmC shows less shine than any other HairCoat.
MORE sheen <== 7888SHN>7885RST>7882SEV>7889EmC ==> LESS sheen
E) 7889-EmC makes human hair look/become moistured & soft & posh with vibrant feel,
bouncy & springy look, no sheen.
MORE softness & moist look & Touch <==7889-EmC<7885-RST<cw7881-SoSi ==> LESS

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